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The curative Bohdaneč spa has been a sought after place for treatment of the musculoskeletal system for many years. Our care for example, is suitable for patients with arthritis of joints and back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Bechterew’s disease, root syndrome, Parkinson's disease or for patients after orthopedic surgery, spinal surgery and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The curative Bohdaneč spa is known for its natural healing resources – peat and natural mineral water. As the only spa in the Czech Republic we use a special peat wrapping procedure. This is a special heated waterbed that encircles the whole body, to ensure a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation without getting wet. This unique technology ensures a constant body temperature throughout the procedure, making it gentler on the cardiovascular system than the classic peat wrap. In addition to the peat wrap, green tea, avocado, chocolate or a seaweed wrap are also available. Wraps applied in this unique wrapping bathtub provide comfort from mental and physical stress, have cleansing and detoxifying effects, improvement of the metabolism and a beneficial effect on the whole body.

The curative Bohdaneč spa is situated in the beautiful lowland Polabská nížina, just 8 km from Pardubice. The beauty of the picturesque landscape is made up of coniferous and deciduous forests, groves and medieval remains of the extensive pond system. Spa houses surrounded by lots of greenery, covered colonnades and clean air contribute to the unforgettable experience of every visitor to the spa. Take the opportunity to rehabilitate and heal your body and mind with the help of natural mineral water and peat.

The long tradition of the spa, excellent local specialists, the surrounding countryside and the wide range of cultural and entertainment programs will certainly not only contribute to improving your health, but also help you to relax and unwind. The beautiful environment is also a suitable place to spend your holiday or even a weekend stay, where you can draw new strength and forget everyday worries of ordinary life.