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Spa pavilions

The spa complex, which is made up of five detached pavilions (Gočár, Jubilejní, Veselý, Langer and Bílý) with a total capacity of 573 beds and 302 rooms, is located right in the center of the spa town. All pavilions are connected by a unique covered colonnade that is heated in the winter time, so the walks through there remain a year-round pleasant experience also thanks to the view of the picturesque fountains, spouts, palm trees, sculptures and a concert gazebo. The large park that surrounds the spa complex forms a captivating backdrop for relaxation, health walks and peaceful meditation.
  •  All pavilions in the spa complex are connected by a temperature controlled colonnade.
  •  There is a lift in each pavilion.
  • Two receptions are available to visitors in the spa area - in the Veselý pavilion (non-stop service) and in the Jubilejní pavilion (for guests accommodated in Gočár, Jubilejní and Bílý).
  •  Free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all rooms, the spa colonnade and the café.
  • No pets allowed.
  • A strict smoking ban applies throughout the spa. A violation of the smoking ban is sanctioned by a contractual fine of CZK 2,000 and may be a reason for terminating a spa treatment.
  • Non-stop health service
  •  Parking for a fee of 45 CZK / day (parking is located behind the Jubilejní Pavilion).
  • In a double room occupied by one client (upon own request) we charge a fee of CZK 500 / night for an unoccupied bed. Available according to free capacity.