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This stay, specially dedicated to women, offers relaxation, relaxation and beauty care. Throughout your stay we will pamper and pamper you through procedures. A few days reserved for yourself will give you not only new energy but also help to bring harmony and well-being to the next few days.

6 days stay with half board (9 procedures):

Pavilion / accommodation categorysecondary season: 1.1. – 31.3., 1.11. – 31.12.main season: 1.4. – 31.10. 

1/2 - single room

1/1 - single room

1/2 – double room

1/1- single room



Gočár / B6 137 Kč6  798 Kč6 798 Kč7 700 Kč
Veselý, Jubilejní, Bílý / A7 320 Kč8 935 Kč8 128 Kč9 505 Kč
Veselý / A PLUS8 128 Kč-9 505 Kč-
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  • Stays include half-board of selection type. Full board can be purchased for 161 CZK / day.
  • The stay begins with dinner and ends with breakfast. On the day of arrival there is a single menu without choice.
  • On the day of arrival the room is ready after 14:00, on the day of departure it is necessary to relax the room until 11:00.
  • 10% DISCOUNT on WELLNESS STAYS upon arrival on Sunday or Monday with a maximum stay of 4 nights. It only applies in the off-season. The discount is not applicable for stays.
  • For these stays, it is possible to purchase accommodation for additional nights and treatments.
  • Possibility of parking in the spa area for a fee of 50 CZK / day.
  • Prices do not include a spa fee of 15 CZK / person / night except for persons over 70 years of age, ZTP / P card holders and their guide, and VAT included.
  • Changing the composition of procedures contained in "wellness stays" for others is subject to a fee of CZK 100 for each changed procedure.