Upravit stránku

In your free time, you can visit our interesting cultural and educational program that we prepare for our guests, enjoy sports, swim in the heated swimming pool, cycling or playing ping pong, pétanque, Russian skittles, croquet, garden chess, badminton, soft tennis and party games or just sit in one of the many cafes.

The spa area houses the city library, the spa cafe and the delicatessen shop. You will also find additional services such as hairdressing, nail studio, cosmetics and pedicure. During the year, several important events take place at the spa. Spring is the popular opening of the Spa Season. During the summer you can visit the festival of cultural events ending with the popular Wine harvest. At the time of Advent, there are markets and pre-Christmas shows.

Spa Park

The spa area features a large recreational park with well-kept paths and relaxation zones. The Rajský stream flows through the park where you can find various types of flora, some of which are exotic and even giants over 80 years old are not an exeption. The back of the park passes into the forest. The recreation-inspiring park includes a protected architectural monument, a pavilion built in cubist style according to the design of the world-renowned architect Josef Gočár. Since its opening in 1913, it has been named after its author and is still being used today.

If you are a hiker, we will be happy to lend you Nordic Walking sticks, or you can join our regular walks with an experienced physiotherapist.


Tips for trips around the area

Nearby is the regional town of Pardubice, which you can easily visit by public transport. In the city you can see the historic center and the chateau in which the museum is located. The spa is ideal for cyclists because of its location in the lowland Polabská nížina. In the vicinity of the spa, countless cycling paths lead to cultural monuments and technical attractions.

Near the spa is an 18-hole golf course, ponds for fishing and swimming. We regularly organize guided tours of the town of Pardubice, as well as a historical tour of the spa, excursions around Gočár circuit, trips and excursions around the area.

Relaxation at the Medical Wellness Clinic

If you are looking for a time undemanding stay, which will take you only a few hours or afternoons, or even if you choose to relax all day long, you can spend your small spa stay in our newly opened specialized MEDICAL WELLNESS CLINIC, the first of its kind in the Czech spa environment.

 The concept of Medical wellness includes traditional and alternative medicine, aesthetic medicine and therapy under the supervision of a doctor. Unlike medical and spa care, it is not primarily intended for people sick in the conventional sense. It serves rather to prevent, heal and strengthen the overall physical and mental aspect of a person.

You can choose from years of proven procedures or current wellness trends. Massages, baths and wraps are provided with the utmost care and carefulness   according to your health condition. Selected procedures are based on local natural healing resources. The clinic is located directly in the premises of the curative Bohdaneč spa, in Veselý pavilion.


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