Upravit stránku

There is a spacious parking lot with a capacity of 180 parking spaces behind the Jubilejní Pavilion (of which 8 parking spaces are reserved for handicapped citizens). The entrance to the parking lot is visibly marked from the arterial road to Hradec Králové (turn of the road before the pharmacy). The parking fee is payable upon arrival at the reception where you will be issued a parking card.


• First 30 minutes: FREE

• Every 30 minutes: 20 CZK

All day: 50 CZK

• DISCOUNT: 2 hours free of charge in the event of a medical treatment

• For ZTP / P parking clients: FREE



1. Please take the parking ticket taken from the entrance parking machine with you. Payment is only possible at the reception in Veselý pavilion.

2. Clients entering multi-day treatment stays will receive a magnetic card valid for the entire length of their stay upon presentation of the parking ticket at the Veselý pavilion reception.

3. After paying the fee at the reception desk, keep the received exit ticket. The ticket is valid for 15 minutes.

Additional parking spaces are available at two city parking lots, which are in close proximity to the spa. The first one is on arrival from Pardubice on the right (opposite the bus station), the second one is in front of the main entrance of the spa (pavilion Veselý). Both of these parking lots require payment.