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Non-refundable booking fee - Comprehensive Spa Care, Contributory Spa Care

   1 000,00 Kč

Fee for unoccupied bed / night

      500,00 Kč

Extended check-out until 15:00

      500,00 Kč

Moving the client at own request

      500,00 Kč

Change of diet

      200,00 Kč

Loss of room key

      600,00 Kč

Loss of locker key

      150,00 Kč

Change of procedures included in the chosen package (for each changed procedure)

      100,00 Kč

Extension of the gift voucher by 3 months (only once)

      200,00 Kč

Not showing up to a procedure - cancellation fee 100% of the procedure price


Violation of the smoking ban

   2 000,00 Kč