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The swimming pool at the Bohdaneč a.s. Curative spa area offers in addition to fitness swimming, the healing powers of mineral water from a deep artesian well. The water temperature is between 29-30 ° C and the pool size is 9 x 20 m. It is equipped with whirlpools on each side. The depth of the pool is 130 cm. The character of the water is pure alkaline, which has beneficial effects on the entire musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system.

In addition to fitness swimming, there are aqua aerobics lessons in the swimming pool, under the guidance of experienced lecturers.

More information about prices at tel.number 466 860 192.


Swimming pool adults - 10 x entrance700 Kč
Swimming pool adults - 20 x  entrance1 300 Kč
Swimming pool children  3-15 - 10 x entrance350 Kč


Opening hours

Monday07:30-08:30public + clients LLB
 16:00-17:00aquaaerobic Mgr. Vera Mikhaylova
 17:30-18:30aquaaerobic Mgr. Vera Mikhaylova
 19:00-21:00public + clients LLB
Tuesday07:30-08:30public + clients LLB
 16:00-21:00public + clients LLB
Wednesday07:30-08:30 public + clients LLB
 16:00-19:00 public + clients LLB
 19:00-20:00aquaaerobic Hana Dašková
Thursday07:30-08:30public + clients LLB
 16:00-21:00public + clients LLB
Friday07:30-08:30public + clients LLB
 18:30-21:00public + clients LLB
Saturday14:30-21:00 public + clients LLB